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Hamilton reports 12 new COVID cases, likely to hit 70 per cent fully vaccinated by end of summer

COVID-19.Dr. Elizabeth Richardson says only about 22 per cent of the adult population has had two doses as of the third week in June and suggests there’s still “a fair number of Hamiltonians to go” even with clinics currently running at capacity.

Ontario reports 296 new COVID-19 cases and 60 deaths, an overestimation due to data cleanup “We definitely see a strong supply coming through,” Richardson said.“We’ll be able to get many doses out through the end of this summer, really, and getting our rates well up, I would say, into the mid-70s by the end of this summer for two doses.”As of Monday, around 72.2 per cent of adults in Hamilton have had at least a single shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, with at least 463,000 doses administered. Just

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