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New Canadians from Brazil know how quickly COVID-19 situation can worsen

Elder Koch and Fabiane Luckmann, who are originally from Brazil, are new Canadians in Halifax.

They’re grateful Atlantic Canada has been doing relatively well during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have a warning about how dire the situation can get.

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Elder Koch Fabiane Luckmann

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30 people were charged in connection to a large-scale drug ring in New Jersey. ATLANTIC CITY - Prosecutors in Atlantic County have charged 30 people in connection to a large-scale drug trafficking ring that stretched across several parts of New Jersey for over four years, the Atlantic County District Attorney's Office announced Wednesday. Prosecutors said 27-year-old Steven Martinez and 31-year-old Shiraz Khan supplied dealers with large quantities of narcotics, including, heroin, cocaine, Suboxone, Percocet and marijuana since 2016. Khan continued to operate the drug trafficking ring while incarcerated at an Atlantic County jail, according to investigators.

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