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Global terror up amid pandemic: US data


Data compiled by the US state department shows that India faced more terrorist attacks in 2020 than the previous year, and 37% of these incidents were reported from Jammu and Kashmir.

Not just India, there was more brutality at the hands of terrorist outfits in 2020 worldwide, with overall 10,172 such attacks reported in 98 countries, 1,300 more attacks than in 2019.

The data, analysed by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, contracted with the US state department, places India in fifth place after Afghanistan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen in terms of the number of terrorist attacks.

Overall, 679 terrorism-related incidents were reported in India last year, in

2020 Department reports

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BENI, Congo - A suicide bomber attacked a restaurant and bar Saturday as patrons gathered on Christmas Day, killing at least six others in an eastern Congolese town where Islamic extremists are known to be active.Heavy gunfire rang out shortly after the bomb went off, with panicked crowds fleeing the town's center.Saturday's attack marked the first known time that a suicide bomber has killed victims in eastern Congo, where an Islamic State group affiliate earlier this year took responsibility for a suicide bombing near another bar in Beni who had caused no other casualties.The latest violence only deepens fear that religious extremism has taken hold in a region already plagued for years by rebels.RELATED: FBI: Pan Am Flight 103 bombing

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