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Vaccinations for over 85s get under way

The vaccination programme for people aged 85 years and older has begun in some, but not all, GP practices.

The first doses will take around three weeks to administer.

Mary White, who is 92 and from Waterford, was among the first people aged over 85 to get her Covid-19 vaccine this morning.

"It's lovely to have it done now", she said, after getting her first dose of the vaccine.

Mary was one of up to 300 patients getting the vaccine at the Keogh Practice in Waterford City today.

Her daughter Paula White accompanied her to the centre.

"It's great to see the start of it now. You just feel a bit safer. It's great to get it done today and we'll be back again in 4 weeks time", she said.

James Griffin is another patient who received his vaccine

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