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Poilievre leads march of convoy protesters beside man with far-right extremist ties

The day before Canada Day, Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre strutted down an Ottawa street with a crowd of red and white adorned supporters trailing behind him.Alongside him, helping to lead the crowd of protesters who were pushing for a permanent end to vaccine mandates, was a man in a bright vest named James Topp. Here’s what to know as Ottawa braces for Canada Day protests amid ‘lingering trauma’ Poilievre and Topp can be heard chit-chatting about the veteran’s morning routine, referencing Topp’s recent march across Canada in protest of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.A topic they didn’t appear to talk about, based on circulating clips, was Topp’s appearance on far-right figurehead Jeremy Mackenzie’s podcast for well over an hour one month ago.

Man who attended Ottawa protest convoy arrested on firearms charges However, he was also a part of a controversial January YouTube broadcast, during which claimed the so-called freedom convoy could “bring down the government” as his co-hosts chimed that they “think we need to assemble to gallows on f—ing Parliament.”“I want to be there. I want to see this s–t happen,” Mackenzie is seen saying in the broadcast.During his appearance on Mackenzie’s show, Topp is heard saying Mackenzie’s broadcast and others like it “kept (him) hanging on… At least there was other dudes out there that kind of had the same idea that was like, OK, all this stuff is messed up.”When Global News reached out for a comment about his decision to march alongside Topp, despite his support of broadcasters like Mackenzie, Poilievre’s campaign sent a brief statement.“The campaign never stated we wouldn’t meet with Topp or anyone else.

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Chinese fighter jet pilots “buzzing” Canadian and Australian planes have broader implications for countering Chinese aggression in the Asia-Pacific region and efforts to enforce sanctions on North Korea.Experts say China’s behaviour in the skies above international waters is another example of its “bullying” tactics as it seeks to claim more territory beyond its traditional borders.“It’s not out of character for the new China that we’ve been seeing,” said Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, a senior fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy who studies China.“Under Xi Jinping we’ve seen a much more aggressive China, and we’re seeing it play out in all kinds of ways. … It has many layers to it, and this buzzing of Western planes is one more.”The dispute over exactly what constitutes Chinese airspace also risks international efforts to monitor United Nations sanctions on North Korea, those experts warn, further ratcheting up tensions in an already tense region of the world.Global News first reported, citing multiple government sources, that Chinese jets have repeatedly flown so close to a Canadian surveillance plane in the Asia-Pacific region that Canadian pilots could make eye contact with Chinese pilots, who have sometimes shown their middle fingers.Sources told Global News there have been approximately 60 of these types of intercepts with Chinese fighter jets since Christmas.
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Freedom Convoy” protesters returned to Canada‘s capital by the hundreds on Saturday to revel on Parliament Hill and denounce COVID-19 mandates as police staged a massive operation to keep the peace and make sure demonstrators actually return home.Protesters embraced each other, many having not seen one another since police cleared the convoy encampments that ground Ottawa to a standstill for three weeks in February.Enforcement action since 7 AM Friday in regard to the demonstrations in #OttCity:▶️560 parking tickets▶️39 vehicles towed▶️8 tickets for noise, smoking, encumbering highwayOfficers will continue taking a zero tolerance approach to violations of our municipal by-laws.— Ottawa By-law (@OttawaBylaw) April 30, 2022Crowds of people danced on the street in front of parliament shouting “freedom!” while others stretched out on the lawn in front of Centre Block.Freedom Fighters Canada spokesperson Bethan Nodwell, who helped organize the “Rolling Thunder” rally on Parliament Hill Saturday, said no other activities were planned aside from a Sunday church service.But Centretown Community Association President Mary Huang said residents in the area are still waiting to see if the protests wind down as anticipated and don’t drag on as they did before.“Especially some seniors in Centretown, they were basically held hostage in their homes for two, three and a half weeks.