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Local high school student founds school's first club focused on mental health awareness

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. - A student-run club is raising awareness on mental health to support fellow peers and faculty at a local high school.Allie Hathaway is the founder of the Mindset Matchup club at Bishop Shanahan High School in Downingtown."It was never really talked about until now and I just feel like breaking the stigma earlier in people’s lives is something that could make a difference later on," said Hathaway.The 18-year-old senior plays lacrosse and wanted to create a safe space for students to open up and support one another.A New Jersey high school opened a wellness center to help students navigate mental and emotional struggles felt by teens in their formative years."Being a student athlete is just so tough sometimes, but that’s why I started it so that we all have a place where we can all go together," said Hathaway.Hathaway collected over 100 student signatures to launch the first ever club at her high school focused on mental health. In its first year, there were nearly 100 active students who participated."It really is kind of a perfect storm of things that created this mental health crisis in America," said Dr.

Robert Moran, Principal at Bishop Shanahan. "To see our students rising up to do something about it, like I said, really has been inspiring."This week the school held its first ever mental health awareness week.

The Mindset Matchup club organized themes for each day taking into account every single person."Little gestures of kindness I think go a long way and the club makes it a point to extend that not just to students, but also to faculty and staff and administration," said Dr. Moran.MORE LOCAL HEADLINESOne of the highlights is the Affirmation Station where participants are invited to take a moment

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Man Tasered, shot by police and charged after crashing stolen car into Chester County police cruiser - - state Pennsylvania - county Chester - city Downingtown
Man Tasered, shot by police and charged after crashing stolen car into Chester County police cruiser
CALN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The Chester County District Attorney's Office is investigating a shooting involving police in Caln Township. According to authorities, the incident began on Wednesday morning just before 2 a.m. when police received information about a stolen vehicle being found in the parking lot of a Wawa in Downingtown.  (Caln Township Police Department)Officials say the suspect, identified as 56-year-old Richard Luminello, of Houtzdale, Pennsylvania, who stole the vehicle, stole another car from the Wawa parking lot and fled from officers attempting to stop him from entering a nearby neighborhood. Police say a Caln Township officer was at the intersection of Westerham and Shelburne Road to put up stop strips when Luminello crashed into the officer's marked police car head on at a high rate of speed. SKYFOX flew over Caln Township, where a suspect was shot by police after crashing a stolen car into a police cruiser.  The stolen car hit the police cruiser so hard that it sent the cruiser backwards about 40 years, according to the District Attorney's Office. Authorities say the officer, who was behind the cruiser, had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit by the impact. As the stolen vehicle eventually came to a stop after the crash, Luminello got out of the car and began walking away from responding officers, per police. Officers shouted commands to Luminello as they approached him, officials say.