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News Scan for Aug 09, 2022

Study: Bat SAR-CoV spillovers infect about 66,000 each year in virus hot spots

In the first known estimate of the SARS-CoV spillover risk from bats to people, researchers who studied bat populations in South East Asia and interactions with humans estimate that about 66,280 people a year are infected each year. The team, based at EcoHealth Alliance, published their findings today in Nature Communications. The group also included two scientists from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology.

To make their prediction model, they examined data on 26 bat species with known SARS-CoV sequences and mapped out their habitats, which cover most of Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, peninsular Malaysia, southeast China, and western Indonesia.

The team focused on regions with high bat SARS-CoV host richness and human population overlap. South China is still a hot spot, but other regions stood out due to large human populations, including Java island in Indonesia, northern India, and some parts of Myanmar. Then they based their human infection estimate on serologic evidence of prior exposure, behavioral risk, and antibody duration.

Though the spillovers appear to be common, most cases aren't identified clinically or through surveillance, the team wrote, adding that many diverse viral strains may not be able to replicate well in people, cause illness, or transmit well enough to trigger an outbreak.

The maps and estimates can be used to target field studies and look for clusters of cases involving new coronaviruses, they wrote.

In a press release from EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, PhD, its president and study team lead, said the report identified where the next SARS-like virus could originate, and the EcoHealth's teams

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Pakistan guided missile frigate heading to Colombo
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka has allowed permission to the Chinese built-Pakistani guided missile frigate PNS Taimur to make a port call at Colombo while on its way to join the Pakistan Navy in Karachi. Build by Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai, the warship is on its maiden voyage to Pakistan while exercising en-route with Cambodian and Malaysian navies. The ship is expected to be at Colombo port from August 12-15, 2022.Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Taimur visited Malaysia and participated in a bilateral exercise called MAL-PAK IV.While Sri Lanka gave permission to the Pakistani guided missile frigate to make a port call at Colombo, it is understood that the ship was denied a permission to make a port call at Chattogram port by the Sheikh Hasina government from August 7-10 after making a port call at Lumut port in Malaysia.According to diplomatic sources, India’s close ally Bangladesh denied permission to PNS Taimur as August is a month of mourning for Sheikh Hasina as her father, Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman also fondly called Bangabandhu, was assassinated by Pakistan instigated and Jamait-e-Islami inspired radical Islamist forces on August 15, 1975.Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to make a trip to India in the first week of September and along with PM Modi will launch the jointly developed 1320 Mega Watt Maitree Super Thermal Power Project at Rampal in Khulna sub-division.PNS Taimur, the second of the four Type 054 A/P frigates build in China, was commissioned on June 23, 2022.