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Tory MPs furious with Boris Johnson for his bungled handling of coronavirus pandemic

Tory MPs are furious at Boris Johnson’s continued mishandling of the Covid pandemic.

Just when the nation needs a Winston Churchill to save us from an enemy, one says what we have is a bungling Captain Mainwaring.

And the PM’s cackhanded Cabinet is not much better – less crack troops and more a fumbling Home Guard. Save one.

Rishi Sunak has had a meteoric rise to the second most powerful job in the land.

And he’s increasingly being seen as a better candidate for leader – he scored 37 per cent against his boss’s 28 per cent in poll of voters yesterday.

But his supporters know it will take fancy footwork to force out a leader with an 80-seat majority.

The PM’s backbech troops have been expressing their anger as:

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A woman who stopped for petrol on her way home to the Isle of Man was jailed for breaking its strict coronavirus laws.

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