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Student returning to the UK claims she's had unproven £50 coronavirus vaccine

Sky News, the 20-year-old, who plans to return to the UK in January, said she had the first two doses of the unproven vaccine last week at a hospital in Yongkang, eastern China.

The injection cost 456 RMB - about £52.Ms Wu said she signed a contract to acknowledge that she may experience some mild symptoms from the vaccine.It said it was 'very safe', but that it was only at stage three of development.The vaccine is made by Beijing-based biotech company, Sinovac, and is still carrying out late stage trials in Brazil, Turkey, and Indonesida, according to Sky.Although it hasn't met the typical standards yet, China has cleared it for emergency use, claiming it has support from the World Health Organisation (WHO).Get the latest updates from

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