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Jon Stewart Delivers Emotional Testimony On Behalf Of Veterans Facing Health Problems Due To Toxic-Fumes Exposure

Jon Stewart is once again standing up for American veterans.

On Wednesday, the former “Daily Show” host delivered emotional testimony before a U.S. House Veterans’ Affairs Committee roundtable, calling on legislators to help veterans suffering health effects from exposure to toxic fumes.

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The fumes are mostly the result of burn pits, used by the military in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to dispose of garbage and human waste.

“There really should be one job here and one job alone, and that is: How do we implement first-rate toxic-exposure healthcare for our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans,” Stewart told the committee.

An ABC News report last year found that an estimated 3.5 million service members have been exposed to toxic fumes from burn pits since deployment to the Middle East after 9/11.

A Veterans’ Affairs-funded research proposal last year pointed out that “the incident rate of breast cancer for active duty women is seven times higher than the average incident rate of fifteen other cancer types across all service members.”

Stewart pointed to VA facilities and programs for disorders like PTSD and brain injuries, telling the congressional representatives, “We have to establish that for the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, because the [toxins are] an IED that goes off in your body five years later, 10 years later, 15 years later. And yet the burden of proof and scrutiny is always on the veteran.”

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