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Leading British anti-vaxxer John O'Looney in hospital with Covid-19

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A leading British anti-vaxxer is now in hospital with Covid after refusing to get the vaccine and claiming that the virus was "just a common cold".

John O'Looney, aged 53, finally decided that Covid-19 was serious and real after he was admitted to a hospital ICU unit with the virus last month.

The funeral director has become a well-known figure for anti-vaxxers with his social media videos that make unproven claims about the virus and the vaccine, reports Wales Online.However, his experience in hospital forced him to backtrack on Covid actually being just a "common cold".In a written statement to his followers, posted on December 31, he wrote: "I was initially sceptical about Covid but I can confirm its validity and it is very nasty."So let us make no mistake there is an enemy to face but does it require endless bouts of injections after injections after injections?"Mr O'Looney, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, complained that the hospital's food was "appalling" and "all tasted the same".He also claimed that doctors offered him a trial drug to help him recover but he "declined and stuck to my guns".He then discharged himself from hospital against doctors' advice.He said: "I feel very fortunate to have escaped hospital (I never dreamed I would have lived to say that) with the help of family and friends."The sinister whispering, the secrecy and the guilty looks amongst certain members of staff spoke volumes to me."It was honestly very chilling and traumatising just seeing how it has changed - especially when I asked to leave."Mr O'Looney said that he was still opposed to Covid vaccines and urged parents to take their kids out of school to avoid the jab.He has previously spoken at anti-vax events and was due to appear at a

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