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Lanarkshire Covid cases rise ahead of pupils' return to school

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link!After a spike in cases towards the end of last week, the highest daily number of new Covid-19 cases for over a fortnight was announced on March 13 (132).Although case numbers are usually lower over the weekend, yesterday was the second consecutive day that less than 100 new cases were announced in a single day.Last week was also the second consecutive week that daily cases averaged less than 100 - the first time that has happened since September.Overall, Covid-19 cases in Lanarkshire are now down by 71 per cent since the peak in the week beginning January 4, when 2353 were confirmed.In total, 38,218 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Lanarkshire and 1245 people have died after testing positive.Lanarkshire has been the worst.

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