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Kenney confident COVID-19 restrictions will be eased by the end of March

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Premier Jason Kenney discusses the possibility of easing COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta and when they might be able to remove the Restrictions Exemption Program.

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Freedom is being abused in many ways: President
COLOMBO (News 1st); Although the country is being ruled by the Government in a manner which ensures the freedom of the people, that freedom is being misused by many, says President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Speaking at the event of distribution of 100,000 Mahaweli Ranbima deeds at the Mahaweli Stadium in Embilipitiya today (26), the President stated that especially today, himself and the present Government is ruling the country in a way which democracy is ensured.President Rajapaksa also said that the cause of the foreign exchange crisis is not his own fault or the fault of the government.The 100,000 Mahaweli Ranbima deed program is being implemented in line with the Government’s policy statement, “Vision of Prosperity”. Under this program, the Government plans to complete the distribution of 100,000 land deeds to farmers in the Mahaweli areas before the end of next year.35,000 deeds settled under the first phase will be handed over to farmers in 10 Mahaweli zones, and deeds were symbolically awarded to 30 persons today.The President further went onto state that although there are many complaints about the lack of power and electricity in the country, the previous Government did not take any action to implement a single power plant in the country after former President Mahinda Rajapaksa established the Norochcholai power plant.President reiterated that he has been able to reaffirm the security of the country.Citing the promises made to implement a green agriculture in the policy statement, the President said that unfortunately the intent was not able to be communicated to the farmers in the correct manner, and many remained misinformed.
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Ukrainian military has released a statement thanking a marine for allegedly sacrificing himself in order to demolish a bridge that would allow Russian tanks to advance.The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released the statement Friday via social media, reporting that Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Skakun, a battalion engineer, had voluntarily undertaken a mission to mine out the support structure of the Genichesky Bridge near the Kyiv before Russian forces could cross it. Shakun did not have time to flee the blast zone before detonating the explosives, and informed his battalion that he would be blowing it up regardless.The Armed Forces reported that the subsequent explosion was immediate and thwarted Russian efforts to mobilize their tank column over the bridge.Ukraine forces blew up the bridge about 30 miles north of Kyiv on Thursday in order to thwart the advance of Russian tanks toward the capital city, according to reports.The nation’s airborne assault troops targeted the bridge, which crosses the Teteriv River at Ivankiv, helping ground forces stop a Russian tank convoy, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said, according to Newsweek.The invasion efforts reportedly included Russian troops commandeering Ukrainian military vehicles and donning Ukrainian military uniforms in order to ease their way into the city, reports said.Ukraine's foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, noted that the last time foreigners attacked Kyiv took place in 1941.RELATED: Ukraine crisis: How you can helpA Ukrainian military tank is seen near Potemkin Stairs in the centre of Odessa after Russia's military operation in Ukraine on Feb.
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LOS ANGELES - Cities in the United States and across the globe are displaying blue and yellow lights, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, in a show of solidarity with the European nation as it grapples with a full-on invasion from neighboring Russia.The Empire State Building was illuminated with blue and yellow lights in a display of support for Ukraine currently under siege by Russian forces."Tonight, the Empire State Building will shine its tower lights in the colors of the Ukrainian flag," wrote the official Twitter account for the Empire State Building. In Dallas, the Ukrainian flag’s colors could be seen shining throughout the Texas city’s skyline. In Cincinnati, Ohio, a sister city to Kharkiv, Ukraine, the Duke Energy Convention Center was also lit up as a hat tip to Ukraine.Roughly 200 miles to the north, in Sandusky, Ohio, a tribute to Ukraine could also be found.Tributes to Ukraine could also be seen in Paris, London, Melbourne, Berlin and Rome, Reuters reported. Berlin, which stood as the front line during the Cold War until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, sent a clear signal to the Kremlin when it lit up the iconic Brandenburg Gate, the city’s most famous landmark, in blue and yellow."We are showing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the many Berliners with Ukrainian roots but also with the many Russians who want peace in Russia and Ukraine," Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey said in a statement."They all want nothing more than an end to the escalation and a peaceful settlement to this threatening conflict," she added.A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered military action in the breakaway regions of Ukraine, Russian forces appear to be closing in on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.Explosions