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Jeff Bridges admits fan love 'saved' his life while battling COVID, cancer

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Jeff Bridges had a harder time dealing with his COVID-19 battle than he did with cancer. Bridges opened up about his "tough" battle with coronavirus while he was battling Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma during a recent interview. "Well dealing with the cancer, you know, having chemo treatments that stripped my immune system," Bridges explained during an appearance on "Good Morning America." "And once I got the COVID, I had nothing to fight it with in my body.

So that was pretty tough." Bridges explained that love from his family and fans kept him going. Jeff Bridge's opened up about battling cancer and COVID-19 at the same time in a recent interview. (Reuters) "Family and fans, and you feel all that love and energy coming," Bridges said. "That can't help but make you feel better.

Probably saved my life feeling all that love coming." "GMA" host Lara Spencer asked Bridges if the love from fans changed his outlook on his cancer diagnosis. "Yeah a bit," he responded. "It kind of enhanced my outlook.

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