Andy Burnham Coronavirus city Manchester reports testing self-isolation Andy Burnham Coronavirus city Manchester

It is safe to keep schools open 'at this point in time', says Andy Burnham despite problems with coronavirus testing

Manchester Evening News reported yesterday how 110 schools across the region now have confirmed Covid cases. Thousands of pupils with positive cases in their 'bubbles' have been sent home and told to self-isolate since schools reopened.

And many teachers and pupils are saying they are struggling to access tests which is causing more disruption. But the Greater Manchester Mayor said that despite 'short-term' problems with the testing system, it is still 'safe and sustainable' to keep schools open across the region.Mr Burnham said 'at this point in time' it was safe, but that if the same question was put to him in a week and the testing situation hadn't improved, he 'may give a different answer'.Responding to a question at his weekly.

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