Mahinda Samarawickrama president Mahinda Samarawickrama

Indigenous community stages ritual against environmental destruction

COLOMBO (News1st): Indigenous Community members engaged in a special ritual seeking to stop environmental destruction in the Galwalayaya area in Pollebadde.Meanwhile, the Satyagraha launched by farmers of Mahiyangana entered its 23rd day today.These farmers have been staging the Satyagraha to support the farmers of Walsapugala, who are demanding a managed wild elephant reserve.Farmers of Walsapugala have been staging a Satyagraha for 82 days demanding authorities to gazette a managed wild elephant reserve in the area.“Animals must be allowed to inhabit these lands instead of being harmed and left without a habitat,” Mahinda Samarawickrama, the President of the Walawa Left Bank United Farmers Organization said.The protest launched by farmers.

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