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Health experts share 'worst' snack to eat if you're trying to lose weight

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No matter how healthy and balanced our three meals a day are, sometimes the cravings hit and we need a snack or two to keep us going.

These hunger pangs mean that it's sometimes difficult for people to reach for the healthy snacks, instead choosing to have things such as crisps or chocolate to curb any cravings.However, experts say that being more mindful about when you're snacking and the types of things you're eating could help you avoid putting on weight, resulting in a healthier lifestyle overall.

To help people better understand their snacking habits and how to do it in a healthier and more sustainable way, Jonathan Wolf, CEO and co-founder of health tech company ZOE, enlisted the help of two experts.

In a recent episode of the ZOE Health podcast, he was joined by nutrition scientist Dr Sarah Berry and genetics professor Tim Spector to talk all things snacking, trying to find out what is truly beneficial to the body.

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