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'Has it come at a terrible cost? Perhaps' - recovering from Covid-19

"Covid somehow got into the house even though everyone was following the guidelines and ten people ended up getting Covid." Patrick Quinn Byrne, is a 27-year-old gym instructor and photographer.

He developed symptoms on St Stephens' Day which came on "quickly and aggressively". "I woke up at one stage screaming with stabbing pains in my chest, in my lungs and a fever.

This really frightened me. I'm 27, you don't hear about this stuff," he said. Patrick said his lungs "aren't what they used to be" and just walking around the house can bring on fatigue. "Even though we were allowed to leave the house we are really adamant on being in contact with anyone because we are super aware that we don't feel 100% yet, and that we might have something

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