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Gwen Stefani Credits ‘Making Out’ With Blake Shelton For Helping Improve Her Mental Health: ‘I Spent My Whole Life Trying To Find True Love And I Have It Now’

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are more loved-up than ever. The “Hollaback Girl” hitmaker opened up about her relationship with her hubby as she chatted to Glamour magazine.

Stefani — who just dropped her new track “True Babe” — was asked about the things with no monetary value that have “enriched her life.” The singer responded, “One thing in my life that is not like a money thing that makes my life rich, very, very rich, is obviously the most important thing, love. “And I know that sounds cliche, but I spent my whole life trying to find true love and I have it right now and it’s just been the most incredible thing.

And I spent most of my life writing about heartache and now I’m writing about my love. It’s an amazing thing,” she gushed, referencing Shelton. READ MORE: Gavin Rossdale Talks Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani: ‘We’re Really Different People’ Elsewhere in the chat, Stefani said of working on her mental health, “Honestly I have been writing a lot of music lately.

I feel like that helps me so much with my mental health because a lot of thinking goes into it. Songs can cure you. I also think being creative helps me.” Stefani admitted she doesn’t hit the gym every day and has other exercises she likes to do, as well.

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