Alpha Conde Cellou Dalein Diallo Guinea city Conakry president Alpha Conde Cellou Dalein Diallo Guinea city Conakry

Guinea's president seeks to extend decade in power

CONAKRY – Guinean President Alpha Conde sought to extend his decade in power in Sunday's election, after the country's constitution was changed earlier this year to allow the 82-year-old leader to run for a third term.This is the third time that opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo, 68, has run against Conde and he warns the president is trying to rig the vote to stay in office in this West African nation of 12.8 million.The election contest already has inflamed ethnic tensions, prompting the United Nations chief to urge Guineans to refrain from ethnic profiling and violence.

The two main candidates draw their support from Guinea's largest ethnic groups —the Malinke and the Peuhl — and past electoral match-ups have seen bursts of.

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