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Florida dog with severely matted fur gets life-changing spa day

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A before and after photo of Loretta. Three groomers came to one dog's rescue when a canine arrived on Nov. 4 at Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida with a severely matted coat.

The dog named Loretta had "very little background information," according to the rescue's Facebook post. However, the rescue speculated that Loretta may have been part of a backyard breeding situation.  "When Loretta arrived in our care, it was immediately clear this girl was in MUCH worse condition than we expected.

She was matted to the point she couldn’t walk and had to be carried," the rescue wrote. When the rescue first met Loretta, they said she was so matted she was "struggling to walk." Loretta getting groomed.

An emergency plea was sent out to any groomer willing to take on the task of freeing Loretta from her fur prison. Thankfully, after posting for help on social media in the Orlando area, the rescue received an "incredible response." It took less than 24 hours before a local groomer answered the call.

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