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‘Feeling rank!’ Gemma Atkinson admits she is ‘healing from trauma’ in candid health update

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Gemma Atkinson, 37, took to Instagram today to share a health update with her followers after her scary hospital dash left her needing to “heal from her trauma”.The radio presenter is recovering after having to undergo an emergency operation to have her wisdom tooth extracted.Following her painful procedure, Gemma told her 1.8 million followers that, despite “feeling rank”, she was on the road to recovery.Sharing an impressive picture of herself doing the splits in her home gym, as her dog lay beside her on the mat, Gemma wrote: “A sweaty stretching mess!”“But, my first session after two weeks off felt ok.

I had a wisdom tooth out, the gum became infected and developed a dry socket and I then had a bad reaction to the antibiotics.“Not a great combo,” she added with a laughing emoji. “It’s very common though, especially with wisdom teeth so we just gotta suck it up, deal with it and that’s that!”The former Strictly star then went on to describe how she was attempting to get herself back to full fitness.“The body obv wants to heal after any injury or trauma, and in order for it to do so and to help it along we need fuel (nutrition) and hydration,” she explained.“Two things which I was low on due to not being able to eat properly and actually not feeling hungry at all due to all the pain meds.“Today was just steady cardio and a stretch and I felt mentally amazing to move again!!“Within 5 mins I was feeling “up”.

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