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Expert explains how sleeping on your stomach will cause health problem 'very soon'

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A sleep expert has explained why you shouldn't snooze on your stomach.When it comes to hitting the hay, everyone has their own rituals to help them wind down, from pillow sprays to podcasts This is also true when it comes to sleeping positions.But it turns out that one way of sleeping could be wreaking havoc on your back and offers "no support".

That's according to one mattress specialist, who advises against the popular position.Taking to social media to explain why you shouldn't do it, TikToker @Levitix has also shared some tips to sleep soundly without doing so on your tummy.

Admitting that people "hate him" for sharing his advice, he said that if you have mid-back pain "it's because you're lying on your stomach".As reported by the Mirror, he said: "Between you and your mattress it's just your belly, no matter the size, and internal organs, so there's no support for the spine and gravity will continue to pull down on these points, fighting the natural curve of your spine."That's why it hurts you here", and he pointed at the point of the back.But if you lay on your back "your spine is instantly supported", and you have "the most even distribution of body weight." He then urged people to switch from laying on their front to their back, provided they cannot lay on their side.In another video, he said: "When you lie on your front like this, these muscles have to extend for prolonged periods of time to maintain this position.

Muscles don't like to be tense for long periods of time."He also warned that the extra pressure on the spine will cause back problems "very, very soon".In a separate clip, he then shared that he'd received some backlash because he told people not to sleep on their stomachs, so shared some ways that

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