Education authorities should not succumb to pressure: Ven. Muruthettuwe Thero

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Chief incumbent of the Abayaramaya temple, Ven. Muruthettuwe Ananda Thero has called on the Minister & Secretary of Education to not succumb to the pressure of trade unions.Speaking to the media after the teachers and principal’s unions made the decision to continue with their strike, Ven.

Muruthettuwe Ananda Thero said that the sole reason the authorities agreed to meet the teacher unions’ for a discussion is because of him.“It is very unfair of the teachers’ unions to take this decision,” he said.The Thero also alleged that the unions are acting on political agendas, and are opportunistic and inflexible.” So when schools are reopened, if you go you get paid and if you don’t go you don’t get paid.

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