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Easing covid curbs in China good for metals

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₹2,400 per tonne from the previous week to align with global prices, while India rebar prices rose by ₹1,800 a tonne. However domestic HRC prices are at modest discounts to Chinese imports, but at a premium to the imports from South Korea and Japan.

Besides, India HRC spreads are 1.1% lower month-on-month due to an increase in coking coal prices (up 15.3%) and iron ore prices (up 14.8%) in January, said analysts at Nomura.

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The Government of Switzerland has contributed Swiss Francs (CHF) 500,000 through UNICEF to meet the urgent needs of children impacted by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.With this funding, UNICEF will procure essential medical supplies, including medicines for treatment of illnesses and complications among children and women.In education, the funds will help children in disadvantaged schools continue learning and support catch-up classes to recover learning loss, including by providing transport allowance to teachers and daily snacks to students.UNICEF will also support case management for children facing violence, neglect and family separation, including children with a disability.“UNICEF and partners swiftly responded to the needs of the most vulnerable children from the outset of the economic crisis last year, with thanks to the support of donors. This contribution from the Swiss government and people is crucial in sustaining the response and protecting children from the effects of the crisis as it continues”, said Christian Skoog, Representative, UNICEF Sri LankaThe Swiss contribution will also be used to support data collection and analysis to assess the impact of the on-going crisis on households’ social and economic well-being and vulnerabilities, to help national and development partners put in place effective response strategies.“Switzerland has worked closely with many partners, including UNICEF in addressing the needs of communities during crises such as the one that Sri Lanka faces now.
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COLOMBO (News 1st) – India has told the International Monetary Fund that it confirms its strong support for Sri Lanka's prospective EFF-supported program.According to a letter seen by News 1st from Indian authorities to IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva, India had noted it will commit to supporting Sri Lanka with financing/ debt relief consistent with restoring Sri Lanka's public debt sustainability under the IMF -supported program and ensuring that the program is fully financed as projected by IMF staff."In this context, we commit to continuing negotiations with the Sri Lankan government along with the Paris Club on a medium-to-long term debt treatment through maturity extension and interest rate reduction or any other financial operations that would deliver similar financing/ debt relief," noted the letter.According to this letter seen by News 1st, India says that the financing/ debt relief provided by Export-Import Bank of India will be consistent with restoring debt sustainability under the IMF-supported program."We look forward to continuing cordial and in-depth discussions with the Sri Lankan authorities, IMF and the Paris Club with a view to finalizing the specifics of this financingj debt relief in the coming weeks," the letter added. However, it had noted that the Sri Lankan authorities are expected to seek equitable debt treatments from all commercial creditors and other official bilateral creditors, as well as adequate financing contributions from the multilateral development banks. Sri Lanka requires the backing of China and India – its biggest bilateral lenders – to reach a final agreement with the IMF on the $2.9 billion loan that is essential to help the country emerge from its worst financial crisis in seven
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China responds to Julie Chung’s ‘spoiler’ comment
The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has responded to the comments made by US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung in a recent interview with the BBC.The Chinese Embassy in a statement said that their US colleague should commit to self-examination rather than play the blame game.Full Statement: “China, China, China!”, our US colleague starts chanting this infamous mantra and blaming China as a “spoiler” to the island’s negotiation with the IMF during her recent interview with a UK television program on Sri Lanka’s debt issue. Before her baseless accusing and lecturing, our US colleague should have at least asked herself: Who is the single largest shareholder of the IMF with a veto power over major policy decisions? Who is keeping printing US dollar, with more than $3 trillion in 2020 alone? Who are those private creditors owning 40% of Sri Lanka’s total external debt stock with the highest interest rates? Who sued Sri Lanka in its federal court immediately after the island’s default?The public may also like to know how the US have walked the talk to help the Sri Lankan people when they have already received 10000 MT of rice, 9000 Liters of diesel, 5 billion LKR of medicines and 3 million fabric meters of school uniform materials gifted by China?  They may also question what are the political pre-conditions of the US Aid, while being assured by China’s “No strings attached” commitment and practice.Isn’t it hypocrisy at its finest for our US colleague to play the blame game instead of a self-examination? After all, why didn’t the US take decisive actions in the IMF for a more comfortable solution for Sri Lanka?or extend grant to the island with the rocket amount of US dollars they print every year, instead of sowing discord
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Steven Spielberg feared Covid was an 'extinction-level' event and was inspired to make The Fabelmans
Steven Spielberg shared that his fears over the Covid-19 pandemic inspired him to make his latest film, The Fabelmans, which is based on his life.'I was terrified this was an end-of-days, and epic-level event, I mean an extinction-level event, that was happening to the world,' the legendary movie director, 76 — who picked up a Best Director Golden Globe for the film last week — revealed in a new interview with the Daily Star.He said his fear made him decide which movie he truly needed to make, in case it would his last one: 'If I got the chance to make one more movie, it was going to be this story.'  Important to him: Steven Spielberg shared that his fears over the Covid-19 pandemic inspired him to make his latest film, The Fabelmans, which is based on his life; Pictured 2022The Jaws director said, 'By the time I had serious discussions about writing this, we'd lost 250,000 Americans to Covid.' The filmmaker explained that he told his family that if there was going to be 'one thing I was able to leave behind' it would be that movie. Spielberg added that like the rest of the world he was glued to watching different news outlets and following the trajectory of the pandemic. 'Terrified': 'I was terrified this was an end-of-days, and epic-level event, I mean an extinction-level event, that was happening to the world,' Spielberg, 76, said in an interview with Daily Star 'All the experts that were coming out and the denial from the White House that this wasn't so bad, it was just like a passing flu epidemic,' he remembered.'I really thought were were not heading in a good direction and this was not going to end well for many of us.