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Eamonn Holmes on his health issues: 'It can be very depressing mentally as well as physically'

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Eamonn Holmes is struggling with his mental health after being left wheelchair bound and hardly able to walk.The 63-year-old TV favourite, from Belfast, is determined his disability won’t take him down and is trying to keep busy – testing the waters in Glasgow with a possible talking tour.But he admitted being in a wheelchair is frustrating and he even turned down a job at BBC Scotland, claiming they wouldn’t pay for his flight.Eamonn admitted: “People think it’s my knees or hips but it’s not, it’s the discs in my back. “I had an operation to take the pain away but the operation has affected my legs and I don’t have any power in them.“I’m sitting in a wheelchair now.

I can walk 30 or 40 steps but it’s momentous to do things like get out of a car. And I’ll do Glasgow in a wheelchair.”Eamonn, whose An Audience with Eamonn Holmes takes place on Wednesday at Eastwood Park Theatre, has been broadcasting for 43 years.

But he’s struggled with severe back pain for the last couple and had spinal surgery in September 2022.He suffered a setback when he fell down the stairs of the Surrey home he shares with his wife, Ruth Langsford, and had more surgery after fracturing his shoulder.

Eamonn said: “It can be very depressing mentally as well as physically but I just have to push myself because what’s the alternative? “I get treatments every day.

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