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Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts dominant in home opener win against Vikings

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PHILADELPHIA - Jalen Hurts rolled to his right, scampered down the sideline and stutter-stepped to the 5-yard-line, where he was wrapped up by a defender with another in pursuit.

Hurts twisted his body, lowered his head, dragged two defenders with him and powered his way in for an adrenaline-filled 26-yard touchdown run that about broke the game open.Just maybe, or so the Eagles can hope, there are many more plays like that one ahead.Hurts had 301 total yards in the first half in the breakout game of his young career, finishing with three total touchdowns as he led Philadelphia to a 24-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night."Big-time performance on a big-time stage," Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said.Trying to prove he can play like the best franchise QBs in the NFL, Hurts looked downright unstoppable from the opening drive.Hurts hit five receivers on 5-for-5 passing — highlighted by a 19-yard strike to A.J.

Brown — and finished the drive himself with a 3-yard scoring run. In the opening win against Detroit, Hurts failed to complete a pass on five attempts and the Eagles turned the ball over on downs on the first drive of the game.Turn the ball over on downs?That seemed like just a rumor against the Vikings.

The TD was just the liftoff for the 24-year-old Hurts throwing, running, imposing his will with all his available tools against a Vikings defense that could not solve him in his 21st career start.

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