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Doctor explains how using tap water or fizzy drinks will give false positive Covid lateral flow test

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An NHS doctor has explained why using tap water or fizzy drinks on a Covid lateral flow test can give you a positive result.

A number of conspiracy theorists have claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is not real by showing their positive result after pouring a soft drink on their rapid test.

But Dr Karan Raj, who posts under dr.karanr on TikTok, has shared a clip that debunks this myth. He begins by dismantling a lateral flow test kit to show viewers how the kits actually works and how using fluids not provided with the kit can alter the result.“This grey box and the portion just above it contains antibodies that are sensitive to the Covid-19 virus”, he explains.“If you use anything like soda, tap water and fizzy drinks then that’s going to provide an altered pH, which will affect the function of the antibodies on the test line.”Dr Raj then urges people to follow the instructions closely when using the test kits.He adds: “That’s why you need to use this buffer solution, which provides a stable pH, which will actually make the test work.”Lateral flow test kits have become an integral part to Scotland’s effort in slowing the spread Covid.

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