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DIY SOS host Nick Knowles hits back at 'fuller figure' jibe as he shares health issue

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Covid. Many did."I’ve managed to lose most of it now. People printing unpleasant tripe like this won’t put me off. #bekind."Many of Nick's 157,000 followers flocked to his post to support him.Strictly's Kaye Adams hits out at David Beckham 'queue' claimJerry Tremellen wrote: "Nick, If it’s any consolation, decent people ignore this stuff and just brush it aside."Glad you’re managing to get through long Covid, that’s the main thing.

Keep well."Leanne commented: "Nobody has any business discussing anybody else’s weight. Gained weight, lost weight? Nobody else’s damn business!"Julie Bickerstaffe added: "Good on ya Nick you're looking really good."The property expert went on to reply to one of his followers who said they were also on a weight loss journey.He replied: "You’ll get there - be kind to yourself and don’t get frustrated with it.

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