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Devastated groom-to-be told he has 'incurable' cancer one hour after Covid-19 shock

Covid-19.Zach Stockford is desperate to marry his fiancée Katie Davies now he is fighting incurable bowel cancer as well as the deadly virus.The 25-year-old dad had been suffering pains in his side since September, 2020, and made several trips to his GP who initially thought he may have IBS or gallstones, reports Wales Online.But a trip to A&E and CT scan discovered a "shadow" on his liver and a biopsy then carried out to see whether it was cancerous.Then just 60 minutes in a double blow on February 18, he received an email from the NHS stating he had tested positive for Covid-19 and would need to self-isolate with Katie and his four-year-old stepdaughter Evylynne-Hope Davies.Now Katie, who is also battling Covid, said her 'heart is ripping.

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