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Dengue On The Rise : How do we prevent it?

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It is important to take preventive action to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and protect against mosquito bites to prevent dengue.The vector for dengue, Aedes mosquito, bites during the day.

The highest biting intensity is about two hours after sunrise and before sunset. The infected Aedes mosquito bites 4-5 people at a time which results in multiple dengue cases in the same area.

An infected person, may or may not have symptoms of dengue, but will be a source of dengue virus for uninfected mosquitoes. Patients infected with the dengue virus can spread the infection (for 4–5 days; maximum 12 days) via Aedes mosquitoes after their first symptoms appear.Aedes mosquito lays eggs in stagnant water which can survive up to one year.

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