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Dad hopes his ‘candy chute’ design will save Halloween during COVID-19

Halloween — and it just might be enough to put people at ease amid the coronavirus pandemic.Special-effects whiz Andrew Beattie used a long cardboard tube and the guardrail on his front steps to create a “candy delivery chute,” which he hopes will cut down on the risks of spreading COVID-19 for those who go trick-or-treating next month. ‘Karen’ Halloween mask triggers a flurry of orders — and complaints The chute is made from a one-metre (four-foot) cardboard tube that measures 15 centimetres (six inches) wide.

Beattie painted it orange and attached it to his slanted railing with black duct tape. A sign at the bottom urges children to hold their bags up to the chute.“The intent is I’ll be having gloves or tongs and pulling out fresh candy.

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