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Covid symptom breaks into top 10 of list of common virus warning signs

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A Covid symptom has been added to the list of the most prevalent signs of the virus as coronavirus cases rise across many parts of the UK.

Hyposmia - a change in sense of smell - is now among the top 10 warning signs according to the the ZOE Covid Study, which tracks the top Covid symptoms and how they develop over time.It comes as some 1.3 million UK households have tested positive for coronavirus in the week leading up to December 5, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.This is a rise 16 percent compared to the 1.1 million in the previous week, reports the Mirror.

However it is much lower than levels reached earlier this year.As cases rise, the ZOE Health Study has continued to track the top Covid symptoms with the most recent data shows that a sore throat is currently the most reported symptom.It is followed by:This is then followed with Hyposmia, which was the 10th most common sign of the virus in the 30 days before December 5.ZOE said the previous "traditional" symptoms, such as loss of smell, a fever and shortness of breath, are much less prevalent than they used to be.It added: "In the list of common symptoms, anosmia ranks 14th, and shortness of breath ranks 16th.

Anosmia used to be a key indicator of COVID-19, but only about 16% of people with the illness now experience it."Scottish data from Public Health Scotland shows a slight decrease in week-on-week confirmed Covid-19 cases, according to its recent reports.The most recent data, covering the week ending November 24 the estimated that the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 was 88,500.

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