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COVID is here to say…: Experts on dealing with coronavirus' new normal

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There are indicators that COVID is ending but we should be careful how we interpret the word ending, expert said For the first time since March 2020, Covid numbers have begun to ebb in several parts of the world, including India.

Experts are hopeful that the pandemic will be over but, cautioned that Covid will be here to stay. And though newer and more dangerous strains could always come, at this point in time appropriate measures can be taken to tackle its spread.   "A dwindling fraction of these cases will be severe enough to lead to death.

It is this new normal that we must become accustomed to," Gautam I Menon, professor, Departments of Physics and Biology, Ashoka University, told PTI. “The world cannot function in a state of permanent heightened alertness," Menon, who has been tracking Covid numbers since the beginning of the pandemic, said.

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