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COVID-19 Scan for May 04, 2021

Mortality rates for hospitalized COVID patients declined through 2020In 2020, in-hospital mortality dropped from 19.1% in March and April to 10.8% in September through November in COVID-19 patients in the United States, according to a study yesterday in JAMA Network Open.While some associations with age, male sex, high body mass index (BMI), and comorbidities were seen, overall, the researchers say that neither these factors nor COVID-19 severity fully explained the decline.The researchers looked at 20,736 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in 107 hospitals.

From March and April to September through November, the proportion of women increased from 43.6% to 48.4%, BMI increased from 30.4 to 31.6, and the mean age went from 62.1 to 61.4.Average

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