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Covid-19: ICMR-NIN to issue new dietary guidelines to boost immunity

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ANI that new guidelines may be issued soon. He said the new guidelines may help in reducing the risk of getting infected with non-communicable chronic diseases like diabetes type two, coronary heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and also communicable diseases like COVID-19.

The increased consumption of high-fat sugar, salt, and HFSS food is also the reason to review the guidelines. "The NIN has actually developed dietary guidelines for Indians way back in 2011.

But after 2011 a lot of changes happened in food patterns and food intake because of the availability and also easy accessibility of HFSS foods as well," Dr Laxmaiah told the news agency. "So, now taking into consideration all the current evidence that is available, we have made a robust review of how high-fat diet and high sugar diet have adverse health consequences based on all the evidence and review," he noted.

The draft copy of the guidelines include all age groups. It'll include 50-70 goals. The guidelines will include chapters addressing nutrition for kids, infants, adolescents, women, including pregnant and lactating mothers, men and geriatric population.

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