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COVID-19: Calgary man says he was given no reason for quarantine in undisclosed hotel

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Feds detail criteria for hotels to host travellers for mandatory COVID-19 quarantine Beaulieu said he was quarantined for three days without his luggage while a guard stood outside his room.“I thought I was in a sci-fi movie.

It was unbelievable,” he said.“I get there and everything is plastic, white. Those really bright lights. Everyone is wearing yellow suits and masks.”Beaulieu said he asked everyone he encountered for answers but didn’t get any.“I’m point-blank asking these people, ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Sorry, sir.

We can’t tell you.’ ‘How long am I here for?’ ‘Sorry, sir. We can’t tell you.’ ‘Why am I being detained?’ ‘Sorry, sir. We can’t tell you,'” he said.

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