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COVID-19: 4 superfoods that will boost your immunity amid Omicron XBB spread

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The best way to deal with the new COVID variant is to keep the immunity quotient high throughout the year Even after nearly 3 years, COVID remains a threat to us mostly because the virus is still mutating.

The latest variant of Omicron continues to be a threat to us as it is said to spreading faster than its predecessors and has immune escape properties.

So even if you are vaccinated and also boosted, you still need to be careful. Let's dig deeper to understand, what you can do to further increase your immunity.

XBB is a recombinant variant and it formed after 2 Omicron sublineages - BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75 have combined. World Health Organisation (WHO) in its epidemiological report said, from the sequences submitted to GISAID, XBB has a global prevalence of 1.3% and it has been detected in 35 countries So far, 36 cases of XBB were detected in Maharashtra.

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