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Christine McGuinness' terrifying health scare after finding lump in her breast

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Christine McGuinness has revealed she once found a lump on her breast, leaving her fearing the worst following her family's history with breast cancer.

The model, 35, who is an ambassador for The Pink Ribbon Foundation which gives grants to cancer charities, opened up about her terrifying health scare in a new interview, explaining how she had an emergency appointment after noticing something was wrong with one of her breasts. “Before I had children, I found a lump one day," the mum-of-three candidly told the Daily Star. “Women in my family have had breast cancer.

Because of that history, I got seen quite quickly. I had a full check-up and I had scans.” Thankfully, Christine was informed that the lump was not cancerous.

She said she makes sure to regularly check her breasts to ensure she is in full health. “I always check myself when I’m in the shower," she told the publication. “If you see any changes or you are unsure, you’ve got to go and get it checked out.” Christine, whose mum and three of her aunties have all had cancer, is using her experience to raise awareness of the importance of early detection - survival rates can be as high as 99% if the disease is spotted in time.

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