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Child suffers severe ringworm infection as barber shop sparks environmental health probe

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A barber shop in Stirling has sparked an environmental health probe after a child was treated for ringworm. Kayleigh Blair, 32, thought her son Connel, seven, had alopecia after she noticed a bald patch in October.But when he was rushed to hospital after splitting his head open while playing in the park, shocked medics discovered the skin on his head was too soft to operate on because a ringworm infection had ravaged his flesh.

Kayleigh quickly raised a complaint with the local council after she became concerned that the infection had come from the barber shop where Connel had been getting his hair cut every fortnight.

Stirling Council confirmed that an environmental health officer has since visited the barber in question. Email correspondence seen by the Daily Record also confirmed the council had received four additional complaints about the premises.Mum Kayleigh, who lives in the town, said: "I noticed a big red circle on the side of Connel's head after the barber shaved it."I thought he had alopecia, but we went straight to the pharmacist who confirmed it was ringworm.

I had never heard of it before. "The pharmacist gave us cream but there was no progress and his head was getting worse and began to crust."She continued: "A couple of weeks later, Connel was playing in the park with his friends and one boy fell into him and elbowed him in the side of the head.""Because the skin on his head was so fragile, it ripped open and we had to rush to A&E. "But his skin was too soft for stitches and the medics realised that the infection was really bad underneath."They had to remove half the skin on the side of his head and clean it out before putting it back on and bandaging up his head."He had to be sedated because he was so

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