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Central Bank cancels license of Swarnamahal Financial Services PLC

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has decided to cancel the Finance Business Licence issued to Swarnamahal Financial Services PLC (SFSP).This is in terms of Section 37 (3) of the Finance Business Act, No.

42 of 2011 (FBA) with effect from 28th December 2022. Accordingly, warnamahal Financial Services PLC (SFSP) is not permitted to engage in Finance Business under the FBA with effect from 28th December 2022.

Further, the Director of the Department of Supervision of Non- Bank Financial Institutions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has decided to cancel the Certificate of Registration of SFSP as a Registered Finance Leasing Establishment under the provisions of the Finance Leasing Act, No.

56 of 2000.In view of the contribution made by SMB Finance PLC (SMBF) (then SMB Leasing PLC) to repay the remaining deposits of SFSP, as per the directions of the “Masterplan for Consolidation of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Sector”, unclaimed deposit liability of SFSP will be transferred to SMBF along with the corresponding assets value and relevant depositor information.Further, Sri Lanka Deposit Insurance and Liquidity Support Scheme (SLDILSS) will take necessary actions to pay compensation to the outstanding insured depositors of SFSP up to a maximum of Rs.

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