CEB reforms from political parties

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COLOMBO (News 1st); The Minister of Power and Energy said he had a productive discussion yesterday (8) to obtain proposals for the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) reforms from Political Party's representing the Parliament.He had invited all Political parties and Former Ministers of the power sector to participate in the meeting.Further, the members of the reforms committee participated to note down the suggestions..

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Taking advantage of defeats helped the team to win: President on Asia Cup win
COLOMBO (News 1st) – President Ranil Wickremesinghe says that cricket team captain Dasun Shanaka and the team took advantage of their defeats and made themselves stronger to advance forward to the Asian Cup.The President, speaking further, said that it is not difficult to lead the country towards victory in the face of the world if the team continues to think in the same way.The President also pointed out that working together as a team helped them to win.President Ranil Wickremesinghe was addressing the felictation ceremony held for the Sri Lankan athletes who won their respective Asia-level wins; the Cricket team and the team which won the Asian Netball Championship, in addition to the medalists of Commonwealth Games.Meanwhile, at the request of Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka Cricket took steps to present Rs. 2 million to each player in the Netball team symbolizing its support towards the sport.Sri Lanka won 4 medals in the 22nd Commonwealth Games held recently in Birmingham, Britain.Palitha Bandara won the silver medal in the discus throw event in the para sports category, while Yupun Abeykoon won the 100m event, Nethmi Ahimsa Poruthota in the women's 57kg wrestling competition and Dilanka Isuru Kumara won the bronze medals in the weightlifting 55kg category.The silver medalist was awarded Rs.10 million from the sports fund, each bronze medalist was awarded Rs.
National Council to be debated on 20th Sept. - - Sri Lanka
National Council to be debated on 20th Sept.
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The resolution to constitute the Parliament Committee called the "National Council" has now been added to the Addendum to the Order Book for September 20th.Thus, the National Council will consist of the Speaker as the Chair, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the House of Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, the Chief Government Whip, and not more than thirty-five Members of Parliament representing the Ninth Parliament from recognized Political Parties in Sri Lanka as determined by the Leaders of the Political Parties.Accordingly, the National Council shall have the jurisdiction and general responsibilities in order to;• Determine the general priorities of Parliament to guide the formulation of short, medium, and long-term national policies;• Agree on short and medium-term common minimum programs in respect of the stabilization of the economy; • Arrange special meetings with the Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Council, the Chairpersons of the Special Committees, and Youth observers of Youth Organizations.The National Council shall have powers to request reports from Sectoral Oversight Committees, The Committee on Public Finance, The Committee on Public Accounts, The Committee on Public Enterprises, The Committee on Banking and Financial Services, The Committee on Ways and Means, The Committee on Economic Stabilization; and Any Committee controlling Public Finance.The Addendum to the Order Book on the above can be obtain via the below link.
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USAID Administrator Samantha Power in Sri Lanka during weekend
COLOMBO (News 1st); Former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, who is also the Administrator for the US Agency for International Development or USAID will visit Sri Lanka on Saturday.USAID Administrator Samantha Power will make an official visit to Sri Lanka on Saturday and will remain in the country until Sunday.The purpose of the two-day visit is to discuss problems related to the prevailing economic crisis and strengthen the development partnership between the United States and Sri Lanka. She is expected to hold bilateral meetings as well.When she visited visited New Delhi in July, Ambassador Power said the Joe Biden administration and the Indian Government are “deeply concerned” by the economic collapse and crisis that has befallen the Sri Lankan people.The Administrator will meet with government officials, private sector representatives, as well as farmers and other Sri Lankans most impacted by the complex emergency to discuss how their lives have been affected and how the United States can best support them as they rebuild and recover. She will also meet with parliamentary leaders representing various parties to learn their views on how to address the economic and political crises in Sri Lanka. During her trip, the Administrator will highlight the United States’ enduring support for the people of Sri Lanka and discuss issues related to food security, fuel and essential item shortages, economic stability, and the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the region.Administrator Power’s visit will underscore the United States’ commitment to addressing the urgent and intermediate needs facing Sri Lankans and to supporting a return to stability.  The Administrator will also reinforce USAID’s support for inclusive
Sri Lankans - Sri Lanka: UN report urges progress on accountability, institutional and security sector reforms - - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: UN report urges progress on accountability, institutional and security sector reforms
Sri Lanka’s new Government should embark on a national dialogue to advance human rights and reconciliation, a UN report urges today, calling for accountability and deeper institutional reforms to prevent a recurrence of past violations. The report acknowledges that Sri Lanka is at critical juncture in its political life, and is in the midst of a serious economic crisis which has severely impacted the human rights of all communities and people of all walks of life. This has spurred broad-based demands by Sri Lankans from all communities for deeper reforms and accountability, and gives the Government a fresh opportunity to steer the country on a new path.For sustainable improvements to take place, however, it is vital to recognise and address the underlying factors which have contributed to the economic crisis, including embedded impunity for past and present human rights violations, economic crimes and endemic corruption.“Fundamental changes will be required to address the current challenges and to avoid repetition of the human rights violations of the past,” says the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.The report calls on the Government to immediately end the reliance on draconian security laws and crackdowns on peaceful protest, reverse the drift towards militarisation and show renewed commitment to, and deliver on, security sector reform and ending impunity.While the security forces recently showed considerable restraint in response to mass protests, the Government has since taken a harder line approach, arresting some student leaders under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and violently suppressing peaceful protests.
Storm Drain Tragedy: Human Rights Probe launched into schoolboy’s death - - Sri Lanka
Storm Drain Tragedy: Human Rights Probe launched into schoolboy’s death
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Human Rights Commission had decided to investigate the tragic death of a schoolboy who was trapped inside a storm drain for over an hour during a torrential downpour in Kurunegala on Monday (5) afternoon.Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission Retired Supreme Court Justice Rohini Marasinghe told News 1st that all relevant parties will be summoned for the investigations.The post-mortem revealed that the young boy, identifed as Sajith Gunaratne, had drowned, resulting in his death.The parents of the Sajith Gunaratne, would have never imagined that their son who was supposed to walk back home, would return one last time on the shoulders of his loved ones on Tuesday (6).Sajith Gunaratne, a Grade 9 student from the Maliyadeva Model School in Kurunegala, passed away under tragic circumstances when returning home from school on Monday (5) afternoon.Sajitha who was walking back on the Wehera Kanda Udawatte Road had moved aside to give way for a van that was traveling on the road, and thereafter had fallen into the storm drain.Locals banded together to rescue Sajitha from the storm drain, however, their efforts proved futile.Sajith who was pulled out after almost an hour and a half was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital, where he breathed his last.Sajith Gunaratne, who was a resident from Wehera, Kurunegala was the youngest in the family with two sisters.The Kurunegala Police on Tuesday (6) inspected the location where the tragedy took place.Locals said that when it rains the storm drain is not large enough for the flow of flood waters.According to the locals, school children from two schools use the Wehera Kanda Watte Road and warned that there are several