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Cardboard cutout of 11-year-old boy receives tongue-in-cheek $10,000 ticket for breaking curfew

#curfew and already hundreds of tickets issued, police are not pulling punches.This cut-out of a young boy was given a $10,000 fine last night.The family said they got a kick out of the prank jokingly saying, "the kid wouldn’t listen." #MTL— BraydenJaggerHaines (@BraydenJagger) January 12, 2021Three nights into the curfew and already hundreds of tickets issued, this one was obviously not real.Written by hand in black marker, police left the exorbitant $10,000 fine with the jumping poster boy, affectionally known as ‘Flat Matthew,’ for being outside past the 8 p.m.

curfew.“The kid just wouldn’t come in,” mother Sebrina Jones-Gauthier said.The two police officers, tongue-in-cheek, took pictures with the rebellious.

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