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Canada’s 4th COVID-19 wave will be among unvaccinated, with fewer restrictions: experts

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COVID-19 within Canada could be among the unvaccinated, but it likely won’t be enough to bring back sweeping restrictions previously seen, according to experts.“The next wave … is going to be primarily experienced by unvaccinated people,” University of Toronto epidemiologist Dr.

Colin Furness said. U.K. is seeing a 4th wave of COVID-19. But this does not mean Canada will, experts say He explained that the vaccines will work as a “firebreak” to prevent mass spread of the virus and hospitalizations as seen in previous waves, and the severe restrictions placed in response.Instead, spread will likely occur in a more localized manner among the unvaccinated.“Non-vaccinated people occur in clumps,” he said. “They’re not randomly, evenly.

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