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Budget change to make this Christmas to ‘keep your mental health intact’

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In the run-up to Christmas, you may be feeling some pressure to get your family and friends extravagant gifts.The festive season is often a time of excess, with people buying lots of items for their festivities, from fancy decorations and lights to alcohol.

If you're in a shop tempted to spend hundreds of pounds on items you might only use for one day, think again.Try and get crafty and make decorations or even reuse yours.

And you don't need to go crazy with food either, since most of the items you're buying are just for Christmas itself. You could even try and make a cheap dinner this year, comprised of chicken instead of turkey and some of the essential items like potatoes and vegetables.

As we are in a cost of living crisis, experts are urging people to not splash the cash if they can't afford to and instead to focus on enjoying time with their nearest and dearest.They seek to remind people that going back to basics and making memories, having fun, laughing and playing games is more important than splurging on luxury items- and better for their mental health.

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