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Buck Fizz's Cheryl Baker sells 7ft circular mattress after Covid ruined finances

Cheryl Baker is selling an old mattress after the pandemic left her "totally broke." The Bucks Fizz hitmaker, 66, has been candid about how hard hit she's been by the pandemic and government regulations, so much so that she started growing her own veg for food and is "struggling to pay her taxes".

She told that her daughters helped get her set up on eBay so that she could flog some possessions about the house. And now she's taken to Facebook to advertise a mattress, which she described as "slightly stained but nothing nasty." "Clothes and all sorts," Cheryl previously told The Daily Mail of what she's selling to whip up some cash, "My daughters are doing it for me. "Though I haven't got any proper jewellery, it's all fake, along

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