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Bridgerton's Ruby Barker Shows Off Body Transformation & Talks Personal Health

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Bridgerton actress Ruby Barker is opening up about her body transformation. The 26-year-old actress took to social media on Thursday (September 28) to share two photos of herself that document the physical changes to her body.

In the accompanying caption, she called both bodies “beautiful” and reflected on how she prioritized her mental and physical health. Keep reading to find out more… “Beautiful bodies – weight loss and toning up has been a byproduct of inner work,” she wrote, adding, “Cooking, moving, sleeping, accepting where I am and still getting back up.

It’s not been an overnight thing, it took months for me to completely surrender to my lifestyle adaptations with the aim to better my physical, spiritual and emotional health; small changes quickly became big wins.” Ruby continued, saying, “I would have panic attacks at the thought of stepping foot in a gym, I would pretend I wasn’t out of breathe after climbing stairs and run to the bathroom to catch it back, I would starve myself all day, then binge, binge, binge, feel like crap then do it all over again.” In regards to the photos, she said that she was “not happy” in the first. “I felt like I’d lost not only my mind, but my will to take care of my inner child and cook for her, clean for her, work for her, get out and live for her.” Shouting out everyone who helped her, Ruby said that “I’m in love with being more active and self caring than ever before.

Health is wealth. #transformation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #mentalhealth #fitspo #bodypositive” This is not the first time Ruby has opened up about her health with fans.

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