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Body of missing Ontario toddler found outdoors on daycare property

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The body of a missing toddler was recovered from what looked to be a well just north of Cobourg, Ont., on Thursday evening. The discovery of the little girl’s remains follows a heavy police presence outside of the “Watch Me Grow” daycare on County Road 45 (Baltimore Road) in the hamlet of Baltimore, a few kilometres north of Cobourg.

Northumberland OPP would only confirm that a child was reported missing “from an address in Hamilton Township” at 5:17 p.m. Thursday and that “the child was subsequently located deceased at the address.” Global News freelance videographer Austin Brettell observed crews searching the nearby wooded areas and ditches along the county road until they located what appeared to be a well and found the little girl inside roughly an hour later.

Brettell reports emergency crews managed to get the toddler out and paramedics began CPR. An ambulance took the girl to nearby Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg under an OPP led-emergency run.

Northumberland OPP were at the scene most of Thursday evening investigating. OPP on Friday morning confirmed the child was found dead at the scene.

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