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Biden vows to bring high-speed internet access to all Americans by 2030

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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Joe Biden on Monday said that high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but an "absolute necessity," as he pledged that every household in the nation would have access by 2030 using cables made in the U.S."These investments will help all Americans," he said. "We’re not going to leave anyone behind."Biden announced that more than $40 billion would be distributed across the country to deliver high-speed internet in places where there's either no service, or service is too slow."But it’s not enough to have access — you need affordability and access," the president said, adding that his administration is working with service providers to bring down costs on what is now a household utility — like water or gas — but often remains priced at a premium.With Monday’s announcement, the administration is launching the second phase of its "Investing in America" tour.

The three-week blitz of speeches and events is designed to promote Biden’s previous legislative wins on infrastructure, the economy and climate change going into a reelection year.

The president and his advisers believe voters don’t know enough about his policies heading into his 2024 reelection campaign and that more voters would back him once they learn more.Biden's challenge is that investments in computer chips and major infrastructure projects such as rail tunnels can take a decade to come to fruition.

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