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BASL calls for Emergency proclamation be revoked

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COLOMBO (News 1st); The Bar Association of Sri Lanka states that it is of the view that a declaration of a state of emergency is not the answer to the present situation in the country, and had called upon the President to revoke the Emergency proclamation.In a statement, the BASL states that unfortunately, those in authority have until very recently failed to understand the gravity of the situation and the grave impact the crisis has on the life of the people and the community.

The unprecedented power cuts extending for over half the day, the fuel shortages, gas shortages, drugs shortages, the foreign exchange crisis and the escalating prices of essential items have all resulted in the people of this country being driven to desperation.It adds that the state of emergency must not be used to stifle peaceful protests and dissent or to make arbitrary arrests and detentions..

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Fonseka calls for impartial probe on Army, Police confrontation - - Sri Lanka
Fonseka calls for impartial probe on Army, Police confrontation
COLOMBO (News 1st) Parliamentarian and Former Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said he does not condone the presence of Army Riders during a protest close to parliament on Tuesday (5).“I saw the video of the said incident, and it was observed that the Army Registration Number placed on the side and back of the motorbikes,” he told the Parliament while calling for an investigation to determine if the team of Army Riders arrived on their own or if they were sent to the location of the protest.At the same time, the Former Army Commander strongly condemned the actions of the Police Officers who were seen berating a uniformed soldier in the presence of the public.“If the same happens to a Police Officer, I would side with the victim,” he said while noting that as a Senior Ranked Military Officer he does not approve of the presence of Army Riders at a protest location.“A person could have snatched the weapon and shot the soldier,” he told the house, adding that the movement of soldiers in such places is not wise.Recalling similar incidents of the past, the Former Army Commander said there were times that soldiers cross into LTTE territory and were captured and killed.There needs to be an independent and impartial investigation, and if the soldiers are found to be wrong the Army Commander should take action, and if the police officer is found guilty, the IGP must take action, said the Former Army Commander and current Member of Parliament.
Sri Lankans - TISL calls for President & administration to bow to the will of the people - - Sri Lanka
TISL calls for President & administration to bow to the will of the people
The people’s power can no longer be contained by the chains of corruption(COLOMBO); Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) strongly condemns the attempts of the President and the administration to stifle the constitutionally enshrined freedoms of expression and lawful assembly of the citizens through the use of emergency regulations, curfew and social media blackouts.TISL said that as an independent local organization that has been working in Sri Lanka for the past two decades with the mission to fight corruption, it stands in solidarity with the people across the country who are mobilizing independently against the corrupt in a non-violent manner.TISL notes that the current situation in the country has been caused by decades of misuse and mismanagement of public resources on a large scale, systemic corruption coupled with kleptocracy, and an overall lack of transparency and accountability in both governance as well as in the public service sector.The people have now delivered their message loud and clear. The dormant voices of the people of this country have joined in unison to create a powerful shockwave that might have taken most of those in power by surprise.Sri Lankans should be vigilant at this point as chaos at the highest levels affords the opportunity for political maneuvering and for those with ulterior motives to rise to power.
SC permits to examine FRs filed by BASL against shortages - - Sri Lanka
SC permits to examine FRs filed by BASL against shortages
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court has granted permission to examine two applications that were filed by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka seeking an order be made on the Cabinet, and other responsible officials to take the necessary measures to provide electricity, gas, milk powder, medicines, and food without any shortage.Two Fundamental Rights applications were filed with the Supreme Court on Friday (25th March) by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka over the present economic crisis.The applications were filed by the President of the BASL, Saliya Pieris PC; Deputy President, Anura Meddegoda PC; Secretary, Rajeev Amarasuriya; Treasurer, Rajindh Perera; and the Assistant Secretary, Pasindu Silva.The Petitioners are seeking orders from the Supreme Court to direct the respondents to immediately consult with all therelevant stakeholders and independent experts to formulate and implement policies to provide uninterrupted access and to provide concessions in relation to the prices of essential goods and services to the people including LP gas, fuel, electricity, milk powder, medicines and food.The applications by the BASL note that the failure to provide essentials goods and services to the people of Sri Lanka without any shortage, and at a reasonable price, is a violation of the people’s Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.The Attorney General, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Governor of the Central Bank, the Secretary to the Treasury, Secretaries to several Ministries, the Ceylon Electricity Board, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and the State Pharmaceutical Corporation among others were named as Respondents.The Petitioners complain that Sri Lanka is currently facing an unprecedented
Public Emergency & Curfew imposed for Public Security – Govt Info Dept - - Sri Lanka
Public Emergency & Curfew imposed for Public Security – Govt Info Dept
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Government states that the Public Emergency & the Curfew were declared to ensure that the peace, normal way of life, as well as public & property, is protected.A statement from the Department of Government Information noted that the Sri Lankan Government is bound to protect public peace, as well as public and private property, whilst ensuring the right to speech, expression, and protest peacefully.It added that the government had pledged to protect and promote all democratic rights including the Right to Freedom of Expression, Speech, and Protest Peacefully.It went on to note that after the incumbent President was elected to power, water cannons, tear gas, and baton charges were not enforced on any peaceful protest or demonstration.It added that on some occasions the representatives of protestors were allowed to enter the President’s Office for talks and solutions were provided to the issues.The Department of Government Information said that on the 31st of March 2022, a group acted in an unruly manner during a protest and cause serious damage to public and private property, while some were also injured.It stressed that Public Emergency and Curfew were imposed in accordance with the accepted legal provisions, and to protect the lives of the people, public peace, as well as public and private property.